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Volunteers Needed
Gravatt Camp and Conference Center is a sanctuary for the ministry of Christian formation and hospitality. Gravatt provides a Christian environment for spiritual renewal, learning, and growth. We offer an outdoor Christian youth camp and by hosting conferences, meetings, training, and retreats. We serve churches and other not-for-profit organizations and groups whose purposes include human-development, character-development, education, or training.

Gravatt relies on volunteers to maintain and improve the property as well as our programs.  The following are opportunities for service we have right now that could benefit from a weekend or weekday volunteer. For bigger projects, sometimes we can provide lodging and meals for volunteers.  Some of these opportunities can be done from your own home and delivered or picked up when you are done.

Building Projects Small kitchen size tables built or donated.  Construction of an outdoor labyrinth.  Exterior and interior painting in various locations.  Tile replacement in cottages.

Grounds Planting flowers in established beds. Trash pick-up. Trail maintenance. General grounds maintenance.  Someone to assist with building bee houses.  Help in starting and maintaining an herb and vegetable garden. Someone willing to take recycling for drop-off.

Housekeeping Curtains made from selected patterns/cloths for cottage and lodge rooms.  Assistance in deep cleaning in certain areas.

Chapel Altar guild coordinator and members are needed.

Kitchen Volunteer cooks and kitchen assistants throughout the year.  Also volunteers willing to spend a full camp session working in the kitchen (summer).

Public Relations Ambassadors (people who are willing to share Gravatt with others in their congregations, community groups, businesses).  Volunteers to represent Gravatt at various promotional events (camp fairs, etc.).  Overnight hosts for on-site groups. Individuals willing to host camp parties  in their homes or churches host supplies the guests and Gravatt staff gives camp presentation.

Office – Answer telephones. Assist with large mailings. Filing. 

Web Design Gravatt needs a new online look.  Volunteer needed to create templates and possibly train staff in new web page software.

Interested volunteers should contact Lauri Yeargin, 803-648-1817,

Wish List:
Sports balls (playground, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tether, etc.)
Lighters (torch-style)
Band aids (all sizes)
Mattresses (twin size with waterproof cover)
Life jackets (youth and adult sizes)
Bandannas (any colors)
Sharpie markers (thin and medium tip, all colors)
Crayola markers (all colors)
Flip Chart paper
Butcher paper
Acrylic paint (all colors)
Hemp (all sizes)
Beads (all shapes and colors)
Bead cord
Beading clasps
Jewelry Pliers
Embroidery floss (all colors)
Scissors (office size and children’s size)
Tape (Scotch, masking, and all colors duct)
Spray paint (any color, but especially gold, neon, and white)
Glue (school, stick, rubber cement)
3 ring binders (1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch)
White printer paper
Colored printer paper (all colors)
Card stock paper (all colors)
Construction paper (all colors)
Yarn (any color)
Plastic tumblers (any color)
Latex and non-latex gloves
Sponges (large sizes)
Icy pops
Magazines (old, to be cut up)
Tie Dye (all colors)
Rubber bands
Gallon size Ziploc bags
Antibiotic cream
Anti-Itch cream
Tylenol® adult and children’s, liquid and tablet
Ibuprofen® adult and children’s, liquid and tablet
Benadryl® liquid and tablet
Pepto Bismol® adult and children’s
Ace bandages
Reusable ice packs
Gauze pads and roller gauze (assorted sizes)
Medical tape
Thermometer covers
Hand sanitizer
Pump soap
Bug spray
Archery bows
Archery arrows
Archery targets
Ropes course helmets
Bicycles (youth and adult sizes)
Bicycle helmets (youth and adult sizes)
Laser ink cartridges
Paper cups (12 or 16 oz)
Brooms (upright and push)
Dust pans
Large outdoor trashcans with lids
Large trashcan liners
Laundry detergent
Scrapbooking supplies
Pre-stamped post cards
Variety of costumes (all sizes and styles; used is fine)
Guitar picks
Guitar strings
Water balloons
Florescent light bulbs
Double-A rechargeable batteries
Individually packed snacks and drinks