Ronald McDonald House of Augusta

Phone: (706) 724-5901

Office Assistants: Clerical duties, answering phones, replenishing supplies
Housekeeping Assistants: All types of cleaning projects for our guest home!
General repairs: Handymen/women needed for minor construction/painting projects.
Pop-Tab Collectors: Pull tabs from aluminum cans and collect them in a container, then deliver them to the Ronald McDonald house. These tabs are recycled and funds raised help with needed items for families.
Wish List Volunteers: Work on collecting needed items such as new linens, cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc.
Meal Volunteers: Love to cook? Treat the visiting families to a home cooked meal! Most meal volunteers participate once a month.
Outdoor helpers: Have a green thumb? help with flower beds, shrubs and trees.
Volunteer candidates are encouraged to call 724-5901 for more information

Wish List:
Linens: Pillows, Terry Cloth Bath Mats, Pillow Covers, Blankets

Kitchen Items & Food: Paper plates & bowls (please not styrofoam), Liquid Dish Detergent, Aluminum foil,
Paper or styrofoam cups, Glad Storage Containers, Plastic Forks & Spoons, “ZipTop” Bags-All Sizes,
Set of Canisters, Coffee, Sugar, Creamer

Cleaning Supplies: **Powdered Laundry Soap, 409 Cleaner, Clorox Bleach, Liquid Plumber or Drano,
Woolite (for bedspreads), Lysol concentrate, Plastic trash bags, Spray disinfectant (we need lots!!)
Disposable latex gloves, Plungers, Toilet Brushes

Odds & Ends: Printer paper (ink jet), AA, C & D Batteries, Copy paper, Disposable Cameras
DVD Movies suitable for Families, Postage stamps (for families & office)
**Solid Color Area Rugs – 2’x3’ (maroon, navy blue, gold) , Spanish Language Books/Magazines
40 & 60 Watt GE light bulbs

Larger Items: (please call before donating) Outdoor Patio Table & Chairs, Sturdy/Safe Floor Lamps,
Portable Baby Crib, Newborn Car Seat , **Large Clear Plastic Storage, New Box Fans,
Containers/Chests (for bedding, etc.), New Rollaway Beds, X-box or Playstation 2 Game System,
“E”-rated X-box or PS2 game cartridges

Other Items & Services: Restaurant gift certificates & Recreation Passes (to movies, area activities & events,
bowling, arcade tokens, etc.), Any staple food items that can be stored in the cabinet or freezer (canned items,
flour, sugar, frozen juices, frozen dinners, pizza, etc.)

**Monetary Gifts for House Operations – “In Memory” and “In Honor of” can be gratifying ways
to show love and respect for special people

Please note: we regret that we are unable to accept any used clothing, bedding, or stuffed animals