Girl Scout Council of the CSRA

Phone: (706) 774-0505

We need volunteers to serve as:

  • Troop leaders and co-leaders
  • Resource Volunteers to help with specific areas for the girls to earn badges. (computers, fishing, quilting, etc.)
  • Adult trainers: certified to teach CPR, first aid or outdoor skills
  • Chaperones and drivers
  • Staff support, clerical, intern positions to help with mailing, correspondence and special events
  • Summer camp/overnight and day camp support
  • Property/facility construction and maintenance assistance to work at our camps and properties.

Call 774-0505 or 1-800-997-2472 for more information.

Wish List:
50 small first aid kits, 50 canvas medium bags, 10 packages of classic markers (8 colors), 50 bottles of Aileen’s Tacky Glue, Glitter Fabric Paint -4 bottles each of black, red, gold, silver, 10 yards of tan felt, 100 blank VCR tapes, End rolls of newsprint