Make-A-Wish Foundation

Wish Volunteer
The role of the Wish Volunteer is to make the dreams of our wish children come true through creativity and imagination. The Wish Volunteers visit the family and interview the wish child in groups of two. The objective is to determine the child’s wish and explain our required paperwork. This position requires excellent people skills, sensitivity, and dependability. Wish Volunteers also work hard to get as many goods and services related to the wish donated.

Bilingual Wish Volunteer
We are also in need of Bilingual Wish Volunteers. Volunteers who speak both English and Spanish are a great help to us as we continue to reach out to this portion of our community.

Fundraising – Special Projects
Volunteers are needed to participate on various Fund raising Committees as well as on the day of the events. Committee volunteers help secure sponsors and serve on various sub-committees (i.e., publicity committee, program committee, ad committee, etc.).

External Fundraising
In addition to our in-house special events, the Foundation makes wishes come true through External Events that are coordinated by individuals or groups and benefit the Foundation. This volunteer opportunity allows you the autonomy of managing an event with the support of the Make-A-Wish staff. External events are planned at community clubs, places of employment, or through peer groups and are licensed by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Each event provides an opportunity for our volunteers to have a great time while making a much-needed contribution of time and effort on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Office Support
In this capacity, volunteers assist with all the workings of the office during normal business hours. The support would include word processing, data input, special projects, answering phones, bulk mailings, etc. Working in the office allows the volunteers to become involved in every aspect of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as get to know our staff and Board of Directors. We do ask that our office volunteers choose consistent time that they will volunteer.

We are always looking for volunteers with a knack for writing, public speaking and graphic design to participate on our Newsletter and Speakers Bureau Committee. Our Newsletter Committee assists with writing articles, designing the layout and typesetting the magazine for printing. The members of the Wish Ambassador Program are trained to speak on behalf of the Foundation at External Fundraising Events, combined Federal Campaign Kick-Offs, and other requested speaking events.

Group Volunteer Opportunities
Larger groups can also play an important role in the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s mission. Groups can form teams to help raise funds, gather in-kind donations and become wish volunteers. The teams work together in groups of 6-10 people. Each person involved is required to go through all the mandatory training, which can be completed on site at the group’s regular meeting place, employer location or corporate headquarters.

Groups may even get involved by hosting toy drives to benefit our wish children. Any time we visit a wish child, one of our wish volunteers takes an initial "icebreaker" gift. We are constantly in need of toys to refill our stock of these gifts. Please contact if your group is interested in hosting a toy drive.

Wish List:

Boys: Tonka Trucks, Building Blocks, Nerf balls (football, soccer, basketball, etc.), Matchbox cars, Basketballs, Footballs,
Baseball gloves and balls, Hand-held video games, Action figures, Yoyo’s, Radio/tape/CD headsets, …and other age
appropriate toys and travel items, Braves and other sports type items, Stuffed animals, Blocks (Lego, Lincoln Logs)

Girls: Cosmetic dress-up kits, Jewelry making kits, Action figures, Dolls (all nationalities and sizes) Jax and other small games,
Radio/tape/CD headsets, Hat/purse and/or backpack combinations for travel, other age appropriate toys and travel items,
stickers, travel size board games, journal/diary, picture frames, Stuffed animals

Computer Wish Supplies: Learning & game software for ages 6 and up, Laptop carrying cases, character mousepads,
discs, disc holders, CD holders

Miscellaneous Items Always Needed: Disposable cameras ( indoor, outdoor and underwater), Backpacks,
Disney / Looney Tune and Warner Brothers plush toys, Plain gift bags, plain non-holiday/occasion wrapping paper,
Tissue paper, Art supplies for individual use, New luggage (children’s), Journals, photo albums and memory books,
Disney and other character watches, Playing cards, UNO cards and small travel games, travel size toothpaste,
shampoo, kleenex, ect. sunglasses

Do Not Need: Puzzles, Coloring Books, Seasonal/Religious toys or gifts